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Blossoming Garden of Hope

The Blossoming Garden of Hope is a collaboration with the City of Grande Prairie, Tiny Hands of Hope and Compassionate Friends Chapter of Grande Prairie (the Children's Memorial Garden fund was set up at Community Foundation of NW AB). Our project officially began in 2018 and we have been working hard to complete it and break ground in 2022.

Why is the Garden needed

When a parent loses a child, no matter the age or gestation, a ripple is felt throughout the community. This garden will be a place of hope, love, healing and more importantly connection with our community where they can enjoy nature. It's a community initiative that will help bring many families and community members together in a positive and healing environment. According to a survey we recently did, 70% of families and those affected by loss do not have a positive place to grieve and mourn the loss of a child. This garden will fill that void that is much needed in our community.


To surround families that have lost a child from conception to adulthood with the beauty of nature, life and hope. A positive place where they can reflect, honour and feel a sense of community.


Our vision is to create a positive space for families, friends, school age children, nurses, first responders & all those affected by the loss of a child. A place where they can celebrate, honour & remember the one they miss.
A garden that will bring life, hope, healing, comfort & a sense of community.

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