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Annual General Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual General Meeting for Tiny Hands of Hope where we will review the past year and share exciting updates about the Society.
The AGM will be held May 2nd at 6pm at 92 Bev Co.
At the meeting you will have the opportunity to purchase a membership for $10, which will allow you to become a voting member at the AGM. Having voting members is crucial for the organization to satisfy its requirements as a provincially registered non-profit society.
This year we are looking to add 2 new Directors to sit on our Board. For more information on what it means to be Director, please email
We want to thank you for your ongoing support that helps Tiny Hands of Hope continue to make a difference in our community.
Directly after the AGM we will be taking some time to Thank and Celebrate Co-Founder Karen Gilkyson. She has been an outstanding leader of Tiny Hands of Hope Society for 10 years and we wish her well on her future endeavors.

If interested please fill out this form:

If you have questions or concerns please email us:

Support Group Meetings

Tiny Hands of Hope hosts monthly Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group meetings.

These meetings take place every 3rd Thursday of the month, not including July and August. 

Please Email to Register.

Peace Country Walk to Remember

Walk to Remember (WTR) is a day for parents, families and friends to remember and celebrate those babies who have been lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neonatal and infant death.

So often, people have to quietly grieve and mourn the loss of their babies. WTR is a beautiful day that allows those often unspoken names to be read, remembered, openly talked about and shared.


The 2021 Walk to Remember will be held on Saturday, September 25th in Muskoseepi Park. For more information or to register for the walk, please see the Walk To Remember page.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

October 15th is  Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day across the world. We would like to invite you to take part in the global 'Wave of Light'. Simply light a candle at 7pm and leave it burning for at least 1 hour to join us in remembering all babies that have died during pregnancy, at, during or after birth. 

This can be done individually or in a group, at home or in a communal space. Wherever you do this, you will be joining a global wave of light in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.  

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